Are the cabinets really waterproof?

Yes. They are made from solid marine-grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is 100% impervious to water. The cabinets can be completely soaked.

Can water get inside the cabinets from rain?

These cabinets do not have a gasket or air-tight seal around the doors. It is possible for rain to get in the cabinets depending on where they are installed. We have design techniques, installation tips, and special pieces that can help minimize water intrusion. Ask your design professional for advice if you are placing these in an area that is exposed to direct rainfall. The cabinet itself won't be hurt by rain or moisture.

Are the cabinets made from PVC?

No. They're High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), not PVC. PVC is lighter and weaker than HDPE. It is brittle. PVC has to be painted because is not UV-stabilized. Make sure you're not shopping for PVC cabinets incorrectly assuming they're the same as Werever's HDPE cabinetry.

Can I use my existing grill?

Grills going into our outdoor cabinetry must have a factory manufactured insulating liner designed to control radiant heat and allow airflow for that particular grill model. Typically, cart-style grills can't be detached and retrofitted for built-in outdoor kitchens. Also, cart grills usually have a "clearance to combustible" specification that tells you how close the grill can be to items that aren't fireproof. Very often these cart grills aren't even supposed to be within 2 feet of your house, let alone built-in to outdoor cabinetry. Our designers will be able to advise if your particular brand of grill has an available liner that can be added.

Can/will you help me select appliances?

Absolutely! We carry several lines of outdoor rated appliances including grills, sideburners, refrigerators, ice makers, beverage centers, pizza ovens, beer dispensers, ice bins, etc. at various price points. We will work with you to help you find the appliances that fit your budget and entertaining goals. You do not have to purchase appliances from us. Generally, we can match or beat the pricing you'll find elsewhere. Also, if you buy the appliances from us we are 100% responsible if there are any issues with fit due to incorrect product specifications. We are very familiar with the products we carry and can guarantee everything will fit properly.

How long will it take me to get a free design?

Designs are typically completed within 1 business day. And remember, these are custom designs built for you, not canned pre-planned outdoor kitchens. There is no gimmick to our free design service. You're getting a custom design by an experienced outdoor kitchen designer for FREE.

How long will it take to get my order after it has been placed?

Every outdoor cabinet order is made-to-order. From the time you order until the cabinetry ships is typically 1 to 2 weeks. We will of course coordinate shipping arrangements with you. That is, the cabinets won't just "show up unannounced". Transit times vary between 1 to 5 days in the continental US. Your customer service representative will tell you the expected production lead time when your order is placed.

How are the cabinets shipped?

Cabinets are shipped fully assembled on pallets via well-known 3rd party ground freight carriers. The pallets have protective wrapping including an overbox to minimize freight damage. You'll receive detailed help at the time your order ships helping you receive the cabinets properly.

Do I need to be present to accept delivery?

Yes. Someone reliable must be present to sign for the delivery and inspect for damage.

Do I have to open every single box to check for damage?

If there is no damage to the cardboard covering, you don't need to open it. If there is damage to the cardboard covering, remove the cardboard covering and determine if the product has been damaged. Rest assured, if you order cabinetry from us, you WILL receive perfect cabinetry. You're responsible for signing for the cabinetry or reporting damage upon receipt, but again, you will get perfect cabinetry if you follow our very simple shipping instructions. Before your order ships you'll be provided tracking information and simple, clear instructions about what to sign (or not sign!) when your cabinets arrive.

Can they withstand the extreme weather in my state? (Hot/cold/snowy/rainy/sunny/dry/humid/stormy/etc.)

Yes. If you live in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, we have happy customers in your state. These cabinets are really that tough, and we've been in business since 2001 with a proven track record of outdoor cabinetry that can handle any climate in the US and beyond.

Can the cabinets by painted?

No. We offer a wide range of colors to complement any decor because these cabinets can't be painted. If you try to paint them, the paint will peel off. That stick-resistant property is the same reason these cabinets stay looking like new indefinitely. You don't need to paint, stain, or seal these cabinets ever.

Can I store sensitive items in the cabinets?

Yes, but some common sense still applies. When we tell people our cabinets are scratch resistant, sometimes they concoct crazy scenarios like, "What if I gouge the cabinets with a knife?" Well yes, you'd probably be able to scratch them, just like you'd be able to scratch your granite countertop if you don't use a cutting board. When we tell people they're waterproof, that means the cabinet body will never be harmed by moisture. That does not mean that if you put a pile of paper goods in front of a double door and a sprinkler is aimed at the door, water can't get in the gap of the door. Put your napkins in a rubbermaid container inside a cabinet. Put them on a shelf of a single-door cabinet that doesn't have a gap. We can help you mitigate water intrusion with a variety of techniques and practical advice. Generally speaking, you'll be able to store all of the items you'd need to have a fully functional outdoor kitchen, but there are some practical limitations.

Do you offer just cabinet doors?

Yes. Contact us today and we will provide a quote for the exact size doors you need. Please note, if we are not engineering the rest of your cabinetry, we can't tell you the exact sizes of doors you need. When we're building the entire cabinet, we know the size, clearance, hinge offset, etc.  We're happy to make doors to your exact specifications, but we can't tell you the exact sizes you'll need for someone else's cabinetry or framing.

Can these cabinets go outside in direct sunlight?

Absolutely! They are specifically designed with a permanent, UV protected HDPE material engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor elements. They are UV stabilized for direct sunlight exposure. You don't have to do anything to protect them from the sun. By comparison, PVC cabinets to not withstand direct exposure to the sun without a painted-on protectant.

What type of countertop do you recommend?

If we could recommend only one countertop, it would be granite. Granite has been granite for millions of years and it will continue to be granite. However, other countertops are also commonly used with our countertops. Tile is common, but not our first choice since typically a wood substrate is used. We don't like introducing something that will weather and age on top of a cabinet with an indefinite life. Quartz countertops (Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, etc.) are nice options. These aren't typically warranted for outdoor use, so be careful if you're using something with man-made colorants without UV protection. Poured concrete is nice, but can be very expensive and requires a fabricator with an exceptional level of skill to get it right. Granite is generally a lower-risk item that is widely available. If your project is in the direct sunlight, avoid dark colored countertops. They can get very hot in the sun and cause expansion and contraction issues along with just being painfully unpleasant to the touch.

Does my countertop company need to do anything special to install a countertop on Werever's cabinetry?

The primary difference between our cabinetry made from HDPE and wood cabinetry is that silicone won't stick to the cabinetry. We have created glue sockets in strategic places of the cabinetry that need to be filled with silicone to help adhere the countertop to the cabinetry. It is quite common for countertop companies to add extra blocking at their discretion to help secure the countertop. As with any other cabinet project, it is the countertop company's responsibility to install their product securely. We provide corbels to help with bar tops. We can talk to your countertop company if they have questions at installation time. We certainly are available to help. This is generally a non-issue if you are using an experienced countertop fabricator.

Can Werever outdoor cabinetry support heavy countertops such as concrete?

Yes. We are not aware of any countertop that our cabinets can't support.

What do HDPE outdoor cabinets cost?

The best way to answer that question is for you to try our free outdoor kitchen design service. You'll get an itemized quote with corresponding 3D renderings and CAD-quality design documents showing the dimensions of everything in your project. To get a general "ballpark" price, you can visit shop.werever.com and look at some of the preconfigured packages. These packages aren't reflective of a detailed outdoor kitchen, but they'll give you an approximate idea of what some examples of different sized outdoor cabinets cost. Contact us today to get started with your free design to get the most accurate quote.

Do custom cabinets cost more?

Generally speaking, no. There is not a "custom design fee" associated with our cabinetry. If you order a custom cabinet that is deeper than a standard cabinet, yes, it will cost more. But the added cost is exactly proportional to the cost of a standard cabinet. The additional material would warrant a higher cost. The overwhelming majority of our projects include some type of customization. Generally speaking, home builders did not plan to put our cabinetry in place before the home is built. We have to work in and around the space you have. Ledges, hose bibs, columns, windows, electrical conduit, etc. all exist in real applications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing tools lets us modify the CAD-design of a cabinet and then cut the modified cabinet automatically.

How do HDPE cabinets compare in cost to stainless steel cabinets?

Our customers routinely tell us that our cabinetry costs significantly less than the quotes they get for stainless steel outdoor cabinetry.

How easy or difficult are these to install?

Any handyman, cabinet installer, or modestly skilled do-it-yourselfer can install our cabinets and have a successful project. A skilled installer with experience would typically get the job done faster than a first-time installer. However, a first time installer should be able to level, plumb, and square the cabinets with levels and a carpenter's square by adjusting the leveling legs just like a pro, just a little slower. We have taken most of the actual carpentry out of the project with our factory-made filler pieces built to your project's exact needs. Depending on your project, trimming toe-kick panels may be the only place that a saw is actually needed. You can review our installation instructions to get an idea of what is involved.

Is the color all the way through the material?

Yes. These cabinets are made from a solid piece of HDPE. That means there is no laminate, superficial color layer, painted or powder coated surface. The material is solid, uniform, UV-protected all the way through. This means that if your cabinet somehow gets gouged or damaged, the damage might not even show!

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions we can answer, email info@outdoor-kitchens.com or call (888) 324-3837 for a quick answer.

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